M & T Resources provides a full range of exhibition design and Display services as below:

Portable Display System

M & T Resources carries an extensive range of portable display sytems that is suitable for use in any exhibition space, retail outlet or show room. Designs are utilitarian yet attractive.

Exhibition Custom-made Design and Build

M & T Resources carries a wide range of exhibition booths and display counters. We custom make booths and also design booths to meet your special needs.

Road Show and Event Management

Managing an event involves a wide range of skills. M & T Resources with its multi-talented and multi-skilled team and years of experience in this field can help you run an event that makes your company stand out from among its peers. M & T Resources helps you access to all the resources needed.

M & T Resources offers consultancy services to help plan your project and then bring it to its successful end. It also helps manage the project, swiftly and deftly dealing with hitches that can delay the project from reaching its intended goals.

Graphic Illustration and Large Format Printing

M & T Resources team of talented graphic designers help create attractive, stimulating and striking visuals necessary to capture a person’s attention in an event or exhibition crowded with many exhibitors. We also have the facilities to print out these visuals in a large format.

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