Fabric Tension Backdrop Straight

A tension fabric display is typically defined as any display that utilizes a dye-sublimated knit polyester fabric graphic, which is then pulled or stretched to fit or cover a pre-constructed frame. The method of graphic installation varies depending on the style of hardware purchased: some attach to the front/sides using velcro, some make use of rubber tubing to fit into channels in the hardware, and some envelop the hardware in its entirety (referred to as a “pillowcase” graphic). While there are various ways to make use of the fabric, the benefits across this entire display genre are many:

  • The fabric is lightweight and easy to clean, using either soap and warm water, or a dry cleaner
  • The fabric can also fold to a fraction of its full size, which aids in transport
  • Some tension fabric display hardware is able to achieve shapes and sizes not possible with traditional hardware
  • Graphics are typically very simple to swap out, making it a snap to change your message when needed
  • New advancements in printing technology mean that prices for tension fabric display graphics are dropping constantly
  • both sided printing
  • Processing time almost 8-10 day